COVID-19 Information

Based on guidance from our local government about the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., we have decided that BrickCon 2021 will be back with an in-person event at the Seattle Center in October. We are also going to offer a limited, simultaneous virtual event with access to presentations, interactive activities and games.


Please work with your theme coordinator for large builds. Contact them through the AFOL Contact Form and choose your theme.

Digital Submissions and 3D Renders are accepted in all categories.

ArchitectureModels based on or inspired by real-world architecture.
Art/Mosaic/SculptureArt using LEGO bricks as their medium.
BattleScenes depicting realistic battles.
Battle BricksBots battle it out!
BionicleA space dedicated for LEGO’s Bionicle system.
Brick FilmsFilms with Brick!
CastleGet your medieval on with one of LEGO’s core themes: Castle.
DystopianSteampunk and Mecha Oh Myyyy
Great Ball Contraptions (GBC)Make a machine to move the ball from point A to point B in the best way possible
Harry PotterWhat house do you belong in?
MicroscaleYou can build big, or you can build small: build tiny in Microscale
Model Team MotorsUpscaled vehicles, impeccably designed.
Pop CultureSuper Hero Bricks of Character as seen on the screen!
Star WarsA long time ago (1999), in a galaxy far far away (Billund, Denmark)…
Technic/MindstormsBeams and gears and things
Town/TrainLEGO’s foundational theme: town and train