COVID-19 Information

“Based on the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. and to help protect people’s health, we have decided to change course with BrickCon 2020 and shift the convention to being fully online”


Please work with your theme coordinator for large builds. Contact them through the AFOL Contact Form and choose your theme.

Digital Submissions and 3D Renders are accepted in all categories.

ArchitectureModels based on or inspired by real-world architecture.
Art/Mosaic/SculptureArt using LEGO bricks as their medium.
BattleScenes depicting realistic battles.
Battle BricksBots battle it out!
BionicleA space dedicated for LEGO’s Bionicle system.
Brick FilmsFilms with Brick! - Check below for submission requirements
CastleGet your medieval on with one of LEGO’s core themes: Castle.
DystopianSteampunk and Mecha Oh Myyyy
Great Ball Contraptions (GBC)Make a machine to move the ball from point A to point B in the best way possible
MicroscaleYou can build big, or you can build small: build tiny in Microscale
Model Team MotorsUpscaled vehicles, impeccably designed.
Pop CultureSuper Hero Bricks of Character as seen on the screen!
Star WarsA long time ago (1999), in a galaxy far far away (Billund, Denmark)…
Technic/MindstormsBeams and gears and things
Town/TrainLEGO’s foundational theme: town and train

MOC Guidance

How to make your MOC Shine Online!

MOCs: Please follow this guidance when submitting your high-resolution photos/video of your LEGO creations Your MOCs should be new to BrickCon and similar in amount to what you would bring to a physical convention. We plan to show at least two pictures for every MOC, though for editorial purposes BrickCon may not use every photo submitted

Timing: MOC submissions will close at 9 pm PDT on September 30th to give theme coordinators time to judge and our staff time to put together image galleries and the award ceremony program. Late submissions between September 25th and September 30th are not guaranteed to be included in the theme judging, though all MOCs submitted by September 30th will be eligible for Best in Show and People’s Choice.

Background: Photos/videos should have a plain background that does not distract from the MOC (i.e. not your build area, kitchen table or by a wall). Place your creation on a curved piece of paper for best results. Avoid using fabric or sheets unless ironed.

Lighting: Lighting should be consistent. Avoid direct sunlight, flash photography or a single source of light. Lightboxes are not required. The same effect can be achieved by using parchment paper to diffuse your light source.

Composition/Editing: Frame your shot in a way that engages the viewer. Try to take a photo from the angle of a minifgure looking at it straight on. Top-down photography is discouraged. Background editing and added effects are allowed but should be minimal and not distract from the build. Added text on the photo is discouraged and should be subtle if necessary. Advertisements, links, URLs, and QR codes are prohibited. Photos will not be modified without permission from the submitter, though a small BrickCon watermark may be added on the lower-left corner stating MOC number and builder.

Renders: This is the first year that BrickCon is allowing renders to be submitted. Renders should be high quality and lifelike. (Basic settings in BrickLink Studio need to be adjusted.) Renders should also only use existing elements in existing colors and should pass the gravity and “no collision” tests. Frame the render at an angle that best showcases the design.

Video: Videos should be filmed in horizontal landscape orientation and showcase your LEGO creation’s lighting, moving functions or different perspectives. Videos should follow the background and lighting guidance above. No copyrighted background music or commentary is allowed. Please keep videos shorter when possible. (On the submission form, there is a checkbox if you would like to present your MOC via pre-recorded or live video to either attendees or the public which can include commentary and interaction.)

GBC: For Great Ball Contraptions specifically, please submit both photos of the module and video. You can connect multiple modules for your video if wanted. BrickCon intends to edit a full video digitally connecting all GBCs, but to do so, please submit a horizontal video tracking a different colored ball through your set-up (one orange ball, the rest white, for example). Videos should start with the tracking ball on the left beginning motion and end on the right where possible.

Other Resources: There are many tutorials online for getting the best photos of your LEGO creations. Here are just a few, or you can always ask the group for help.

Submitting your MOC

Registration Required

In order to display at BrickCon 2020 you will need to register for the private convention. Once you have your ticket you can upload your MOC photos via the form link found on our schedule here:

Brick Films

Attention Filmmakers!

Because BrickCon 2020 is an online convention, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to showcase your talents with LEGO and video. We are accepting entries for the BrickCon 2020 Brick Film Festival!

Here are the rules:

  1. Your video can be on anything made with, about, or featuring LEGO, including the following:
    • Stop-motion with LEGO bricks and/or figures
    • How to accomplish something pertaining to LEGO or MOCs
    • A video showcasing how awesome your MOC is!
    • 2D or 3D animation depicting LEGO bricks and/or figures
  2. Videos must have been completed on or after October 8th, 2019.
  3. Although this is an AFOL convention, we ask that videos be rated G or PG in nature. We reserve the right to reject any video for any reason, but in particular due to violence, sexual content, political content, or content that demeans or disrespects our hobby, our medium, fellow builders, or the fans who admire our work.
  4. When submitting your video, use the MOC Submission form accessed by logging into under the BrickFilms category, and upload your video as the first file. (Feel free to include blooper reels, gag reels, or making-of videos as the second and third files, but they will not be part of the judging of your film.)
  5. By submitting your video, you agree to allow BrickCon to share it via our social media and/or streaming platforms for viewing by BrickCon 2020 attendees and for clips or stills to be used for BrickCon promotional purposes. You maintain ownership of and all other rights to your video, and are free to post or upload it to your own video channels, streams, or social media, or to submit it to other conventions or contests in the future.

So dust off your lights, find your tripod, and get filming! There are trophies to win!