BrickCon Private Convention for AFOLs


Welcome to the 19th Private Convention for Adult Fans of Lego held annually at Seattle Center2 since 2002.

The Private Convention is held simultaneously with a Public Exhibition.

Public Days

If you are only interested in viewing the amazing and diverse creations of the many talented builders who are attending this private convention then please click here for more information about purchasing tickets.


  • AFOL Private Convention Dates: October 1st - 4th
  • AFOL Private Convention Registration will be on sale here on July 16th.

Please click this link to read more about the convention including how to register, volunteer, buddy and find lodging as well as answers to any questions you may have.

Please be sure to review our policies regarding our code of conduct and attendance of children and checkout the schedule or become a speaker.

  1. This is the builders theme for 2020. ↩︎

  2. except that one year we had it at the Mall in Federal Way but we don’t talk about it. ↩︎